May 8, 2013

Alphas in Long Coats

The Captain was back in fine form in the last episode of Grimm. The last fifteen minutes rocked for team Renard members.

 "Really?" The best one word putdown ever. Inadvertently funny and so Alpha! Add that to the 'get out of my town and never come back' speech and Renard fans applauded! I guess we just prefer our Captain Alpha.

I had started to wonder. He's looked so disheveled in the last couple of episodes. The tie went missing. His shirt looked crumpled. And then I noticed something else. That ill-fitting, rumpled short black coat! It showed up in every scene where he was troubled and losing ground. This episode. . .guess what?!

The long camel coat was back! And the Captain had his groove back! I say stuff the black coat into a barrel and get a daemonfeuer to destroy the thing.
Change is good. I like seeing the Grimm and Renard working together but the Cap needs to remain Alpha.
Now Nick has been discovering his "Grimm-ness" and upping his alpha to the great delight of many. The Captain is back. Don't you think it is time we see a little vying for who is the primary Alpha? That would be so much fun!!
written by Agatha Silverdragon

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