March 9, 2013

Grimm is back!


Grimm is back! Yes, after four months of seeing that apology over and over again in blogs, nightmares, and assorted other places Grimm came back to redeem the promise.

I'm not one for doing total recaps of anything and I'm not going to start now. Kevin McFarland did a very nice job of that over at the AV Club. I'll just start with the comment I left there.

Yes, the biggest 'kerduffle' was between Renard and Juliette--- and a bit of a surprise. I suppose it shouldn't have been but the the fact it was the biggest was surprising. I was not surprised in the slightest at the very delicate beginnings of an alliance between the Captain and the Grimm. Like many others I saw it coming and have been tweeting about it whenever possible.

Character development is at the heart of any story and I love what is happening with Captain Renard. Redemption? Damnation? The journey is going to be epic---- at least it better be or I will have a few bones to pick with the Grimm writers et. al. Personally I'm pulling for the redemption path---- I happen to like bad guys going good or perhaps keeping just a little of that bad edge. It's probably part of my female internal scripting.

Adalind? Already doing genetic charting about the child of a half-hexenbiest and a full hexenbiest? I wouldn't be too hasty about that. After all she has confessed to seeing "all" of Eric while in Austria. ("Not much of an achievement really.") To me the question is more whose child is it? Sean's or Eric's?

And,no, Captain, I  wouldn't trust her any further than I could throw a Bauerschwein. If she throws it up to you demand a DNA test. It would probably tickle Eric to death to pass off one of his byblows for yours. No offense to the child---not their fault.

Now for some Grimm questions:
  • What is it with hexenbiests and Royals?  Really!
  • How long is the gestation period for a hexenbiest?
  • Is morphing or woge-ing (?) necessary for fertilization? 

More questions later.................

written by Agatha Silverdragon