April 22, 2014

A Fanvid from DeWinter79

Yes, it's been awhile since I updated this blog. I've been busy!! OK, not so busy. In all actually things have been happening so fast that by the time I could write them down everything was so three months ago.

Anyway, Grimm has been renewed for another season, in case you haven't got the memo and Grimmsters all over the world rejoiced and threw parties!

Monroe and Rosalee are engaged and planning their wedding. The in-laws have arrived. Yes, Nick is going to be best man. That was a no-brainer prediction on my part. Did anyone think otherwise?? Adelinde and Sean are parents but Mama Grimm has spirited little Diana away (along with her invisible twin?) to her mother's raging grief. I'm sure there will be repurcussions on that but I swear, if the Grimm writers bring Diana back in a few months as a precocious preteen to torment her father (and claim the rapid maturity on hexenbiest genes) I will . . . I don't know what. . .yet!

But speaking of the good Captain how about a video. No, not mine. I'd love to do them but I lack the talent and the software.

This is from DeWinter79 on Youtube. Yes, it's Captain Renard---before fatherhood but it is a good one. I've always like the 'path to redemption' trope for the Cap but I don't want him to lose his 'bad boy' core.