May 30, 2013

Vermont, Peter, and 12 Other Beautiful Things. . .or Agatha Does Burlington

You've been expecting this haven't you? Come on now, confess! I've been to Niagara Falls (U.S. and Canada), NYC, and PA but I've never been to New England. It's been on my "bucket list" for quite some time. Add an opportunity to meet with friends and the number one guy on my "A" list----heck yes!

Peter was running in the KeyBank Marathon in Burlington, Vermont. So the president of PWFC decided to ask if some of us would like to go and cheer Peter on. This was a no-brainer to many Wingers. Did we want to go??  Bwa-ha-ha-ha! So twelve of us (probably more--I really didn't take an official count) converged upon the picturesque college town of Burlington, Vermont on Memorial Day weekend.

We amused ourselves with a trip to Ben and Jerry's on Saturday afternoon then a movie night loaded with popcorn, cupcakes, and chocolate and featuring our mutually favorite guy. Spates of giggling ensued as we watched episodes from Holby City and Noah's Ark---both BBC productions not easily obtained here in the US.

Sunday morning we headed for the Hilton to meet up with Peter  before he started his run. There was coffee, bagels, muffins, and conversation. Then it was time for Peter to get ready.

We saw him off with a cheer then went back inside out of the drizzling rain to wait.  Peter tweeted as he ran while we waited for him to near the finish line. When he tweeted he was close we headed down close to the finish line. We didn't have to wait that long. The man moves! But we still  managed to catch a bit of video, a couple of pictures, and, of course, give him a big thumbs up  when he appeared.
On to the finish line!
Photograph courtesy of Kim Young

Peter after the run
Photograph courtesy of Kim Young

It was a fantastic trip, fast as it was. I  wish I could have stayed another day and taken the ferry with some of the other Wingers. Peter is as warm and generous as I thought he would be. We all had dinner together later that evening at the Daily Planet in downtown Burlington. I didn't take my camera with me so I don't have photographs to share. I just wanted to enjoy the company, hear some stories, and maybe tell one of my own. It was a wonderful evening.
Peter Wingfield, Sunday Night at the Daily Planet
Photograph courtesy of Kim Young

Yes, I like this man. And the 12 Other Beautiful Things? Oh, the beautiful ladies of the Wingers Cheerleading Squad. You know who you  are. . . Hugs to all of you! We shall meet up again in Manchester in 2014. . . and I know we're going to have fun!!

written by Agatha Silverdragon

All photographs, except where noted, by Agatha Silverdragon. Please do not use without permission---just ask, it's simple. Thank you.

May 23, 2013

Off to Vermont!

I'm off to Vermont this weekend! This is good, this is exciting, and this is a wee bit scary. Yes, it's a fan girl-based excursion. I couldn't resist. I will be meeting up with some interesting and friendly people I can't wait to see. We will laugh a lot, talk a bunch, eat chocolate, and interact with our mutually favorite guy. He's running in a marathon for charity, although not all 26 miles.

Yes,  I'm planning on a lot of fun. I will bring back pictures for Agatha's Place. I've promised pictures and updates elsewhere as well. This is going to be so much fun!

Written by Agatha Silverdragon

Grimm Spring Finale: Time for Team Grimm

Tuesday night was the "Grimm" spring finale. No more new episodes until the fall season starts. And, oh, what a kicker! We (Grimmsters) had been warned several times someone important was going to be dead by the end. I think we were imagining perhaps Rosalie or Monroe. Those were the most likely candidates to me. Well, maybe Bud---not that I want them messing with my favorite Eisbiber. I kind of expected "the deceased" to be a member of Team Grimm--------but I  did not expect the Grimm!

©NBC ---courtesy of Grimm Wiki

 Yes, Eric is up to no good. Exactly what kind of "no good" I don't have any speculations about right now---beyond something to do with the key.
What is going to be interesting is watching how "Team Grimm" deals with the situation. When last seen the Captain was following Eric. Monroe, Rosalie, and Juliette were fleeing the hordes. Now one can only wait and see.
The new fall season seems so far away---- I can't wait to see how "Team Grimm" handles it. I know they will.

Written by Agatha Silverdragon

May 13, 2013

Jimmy's Back! The Blacklist is coming to NBC.

Has NBC been reading my mind? I've been tired of reality/talent shows for a long time. New drama coming up! The Blacklist . . . and to add to my considerable pleasure: JIMMY'S BACK!

All right, James (Jimmy) Spader is on my A-list, a very talented actor I love for the quirky roles he goes for. It doesn't seem to matter whether it's the big screen or the small screen --- he tickles me  in either one.

Check out the trailer for the Blacklist.

I'm not quite sure I like the new haircut but it certainly ups the evil quotient. Anyone want to watch along with me?
Written by Agatha Silverdragon

May 8, 2013

Alphas in Long Coats

The Captain was back in fine form in the last episode of Grimm. The last fifteen minutes rocked for team Renard members.

 "Really?" The best one word putdown ever. Inadvertently funny and so Alpha! Add that to the 'get out of my town and never come back' speech and Renard fans applauded! I guess we just prefer our Captain Alpha.

I had started to wonder. He's looked so disheveled in the last couple of episodes. The tie went missing. His shirt looked crumpled. And then I noticed something else. That ill-fitting, rumpled short black coat! It showed up in every scene where he was troubled and losing ground. This episode. . .guess what?!

The long camel coat was back! And the Captain had his groove back! I say stuff the black coat into a barrel and get a daemonfeuer to destroy the thing.
Change is good. I like seeing the Grimm and Renard working together but the Cap needs to remain Alpha.
Now Nick has been discovering his "Grimm-ness" and upping his alpha to the great delight of many. The Captain is back. Don't you think it is time we see a little vying for who is the primary Alpha? That would be so much fun!!
written by Agatha Silverdragon