May 23, 2013

Grimm Spring Finale: Time for Team Grimm

Tuesday night was the "Grimm" spring finale. No more new episodes until the fall season starts. And, oh, what a kicker! We (Grimmsters) had been warned several times someone important was going to be dead by the end. I think we were imagining perhaps Rosalie or Monroe. Those were the most likely candidates to me. Well, maybe Bud---not that I want them messing with my favorite Eisbiber. I kind of expected "the deceased" to be a member of Team Grimm--------but I  did not expect the Grimm!

©NBC ---courtesy of Grimm Wiki

 Yes, Eric is up to no good. Exactly what kind of "no good" I don't have any speculations about right now---beyond something to do with the key.
What is going to be interesting is watching how "Team Grimm" deals with the situation. When last seen the Captain was following Eric. Monroe, Rosalie, and Juliette were fleeing the hordes. Now one can only wait and see.
The new fall season seems so far away---- I can't wait to see how "Team Grimm" handles it. I know they will.

Written by Agatha Silverdragon

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