August 23, 2013

Coming up from the "B" List: Benedict Cumberbatch

Since some of those on my "B" list have active projects I thought I would do a little promotion. So today it's Benedict's turn. "Sherlock" has a third season coming up. In the US it will be on Masterpiece Mystery. I'm not entirely sure when it will be airing but I'll post that when the information resurfaces in my brain.

But I thought I would share a very nice interview he did on ABC , apparently during the second season. Lovely guy---wacky sense of humor! If YouTube
shows the David Letterman interview (when this video is complete) as available, I would click on it as well. I couldn't make up my mind between the two of them!


August 15, 2013

The "B" List---it varies

Let me see--- I've published an "A" list. Do I have a "B" list? As a matter of fact, I do. It varies a great deal. I am fairly sure of that. I know there is probably a "C" list as well but that is primarily of actors I simply recognize from one film to another over the course of time. The "B" list is different because I begin actively looking for them and/or watching them when they are currently in something. I don't doubt a few of them are on many "A" lists.  The list is getting long (I'll keep it down) . . . so in no particular order whatsoever (I am serious about that.):

Benedict Cumberhatch: Currently in "Sherlock"

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: Coming this fall as the lead in "Dracula" on NBC

Hiroyuki Sanada: Currently in "The Wolverine" and later this year in "47 Ronin"

              Clark Gregg: I'm going to call "The Avengers" current, although it has left theaters. "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." is coming to ABC this fall.
 Jonathan Pryce- best known as Governor Swann in "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise. But you should see him singing and hoofing (dancing) in "De-Lovely". His French General Delatombe in "The Brothers Grimm" was comic perfection.
Rupert Graves: Currently in "Sherlock" and probably more British television that is never shown in the US but "V for Vendetta" and "The Last King" are when I started looking for him.

Only part of my "B" list but the trend from my "A" list seems to continue.  Only one is American. I think even if I listed them all the trend would hold true. I wish I could explain it.