April 19, 2013

Grimm Database??

@NBCGrimm and another tweeter were engaging in a bit of a conversation the other day about the possibility of Nick creating a 'panic room' to hide all his Grimm equipment.  The thought brought up something I've been thinking about since Grimm began and Aunt Marie's trailer was revealed.

With all the history, physical and psychological profiles, and other documentation in Aunt Marie's trailer I have a few questions:

  1. How much information is actually shared with other Grimm?
  2. It's a family history but exactly how far back does it go? How many years? How many generations?

I asked one fellow Grimmster on Twitter question #2. @Monroe is a pretty reliable source on the whole but even he couldn't answer the question completely or definitely. He could only answer: I can only guess that some might be as old as the original brothers Grimm.

So only the 19th century then? The time after the Crusades has definitely been mentioned which would or could put any written records as early as the 11th century, if Grimms were keeping records at that time. But one can't say for sure if Aunt Marie's trailer contains written documentation going back that far.

So let's just say her records go back to the 15th century. That's one heck of a lot of documentation. I'm surprised the trailer has enough room. And I literally  cringe when I think of what could be lost with one D√§monfeuer, one fire demon (name not yet known since that episode has been delayed), or a good match. One good swoosh of flame and almost six hundred years of research can go up in smoke.

Time to enter the 21st century, my dear Grimm.

A panic room may not be my choice when it comes to protecting Grimm equipment but I would be all for something secure. What Nick needs to do is get all of that documentation into electronic form and backed up! A searchable database complete with graphics and translated documentation.  I will bet you dollars to donuts Aunt Marie, the librarian, thought about it.

Question #1? It doesn't appear they do but they certainly would have a big problem with the current record-keeping methods.

Am I the only one thinking about this?

written by Agatha Silverdragon

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