July 11, 2013

Grimm Spoiler Alert!

Yes, a Grimm Spoiler alert! And in July, no less. I don't know why they cranked these out so early. Grimm isn't coming back until Halloween---over three months away. But I'm glad to hear something. Now don't read if you want to know. . . . (hey, some folks don't though I'll confess it has never spoiled things for me)

written by Agatha Silverdragon

The biggest news is a wedding has been planned for Monroe and Rosalie. It's not like we haven't seen things bubbling along on that front. No details yet but that's half the fun of the anticipation of the event. Apparently, at least according to the article, interspecies weddings are not exactly smiled upon. I can't wait for the "Mom, I'm bringing a  Fuchsbau home for dinner" phone call. "Sounds delicious, dear. I wonder if I should make a bĂ©arnaise sauce or just a nice balsamic reduction?" Hey, Monroe got his culinary bent from somewhere.

Oh, my stars! The guest list! And the best man. . .or will it be the best Grimm? Bud possibly? I can almost hear that dialogue: "The ring? Oh, yeah, the ring. I know I had the ring here somewhere. Maybe I put it in this pocket. . .no, no, the other pocket. Yeah. . .yeah. . .I got it. I got it! Oh shit!. . .<as the ring rolls down the aisle> I'll get it! I'll get it!" Too much but I call so see it.

The Grimm will be going dangerous. Heck there's already a pix of him as a zombie over at NBC. Look it up. And it will take a few episodes to clear the affliction up so I've heard. The thing I'm really wondering about is will he clear up in time for the wedding?

Wu is going to be rattled by a wesen encounter. Now there's a statement ripe for speculation. What kind of wesen encounter? Scary? Sweet? On the job? At home? Maybe at the wedding? Hey, it might even be romantic. It's about time Wu got a girl of his own.

Speaking of  or staying in the vein of romantic wesen encounters apparently Hank is coming up on one of his own----an attraction to his physical therapist. That should also be interesting. I can't help but wonder what kind of wesen would be attracted to the field of physical therapy? And how will Hank discover the girl of his dreams is wesen with his partner on unauthorized leave as a zombie? Will she be a good wesen or a bad wesen?


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