January 18, 2013

Peter: Back to Official Fandom


Back in the 90's, there were a couple of television shows I followed. Both, naturally enough, set in alternate realities: Babylon 5 and Highlander, with the former followed far more closely than the latter and I soon became very highly involved with B5 fandom. Highlander became something enjoyed on the side, pleasant when seen and enjoyed but in the third season came a character that caught my eye: bright-eyed, nimble and graceful in his movements (whether engaged in swordplay or not), pleasantly boyish, and with a voice which engaged my picky ear. The character's name was Methos and the actor was Peter Wingfield.


Oh, yeah, there was immediate placement on my B list subtitled "I like watching this one wherever they pop up". I was too involved in B5 to do much else. But I liked what I saw and was keeping a passive eye out for more. And there was more, sporadic as it was, and always accompanied by the exclamation: "Hey, it's Peter!"

I left B5 fandom, after several conventions and two hops across 'the pond' to Blackpool, and told myself it was the last time I was going to do that. I discovered I didn't like being a 'fan', an official one anyway. A membership card, a photograph, and an occasional newsletter but nothing to do or participate in. Not as actively I liked anyway, though I tried or thought I did. It was a totally bittersweet experience. I proceeded on unofficially: writing, designing, and uploading a fan page for another which was well received, and joining a couple of mailing lists.

Peter remained on the "B" list. Yes, I knew about the Peter Wingfield Fan Club and was tempted but no, not again I told myself. Been there; done that; yeah, even bought tee shirts.

In 2011 came the staggering news: Peter was going back into medical school to pursue a M.D., something he had walked away from at almost the last moment to follow his love of acting. I couldn't believe it. Medicine? I've worked (for more years than I like to admit to publicly) at two major medical centers associated with two equally major medical schools. I had a darn good idea of the incredible task he (and his family) was embarking on. What in the heck is he thinking?

So I started delving a little deeper: reading blogs and articles, and even going to YouTube for PWFC and Highlander convention clips, as well as others. What I found was a warm, charming, incredibly generous human being who wanted to give something back to others: his fans and the world at large. The best article for the latter? I liked this one: Seven Days: TV MD, an article in a newspaper in Vermont where Peter is now attending medical school.

I took a deep breath, exhaled, and joined official fandom again. I started with a character I found charming, kept following an actor whose performances I enjoyed, and ended up joining a fan club because I liked the man.
Yes, Peter, I have a blog entry (and a tweet) already written for May 2015.
Just as an aside and a warning, if you catch Peter's video blog do be wary of consuming liquids while watching. While watching one not too long ago I experienced an involuntary very warm caffinated nasal lavage. Now I carefully swallow my coffee and put the cup down before clicking the 'play' button. 
And, yes, you’ll see me on Twitter every day, along with others, tweeting about The BiLLe Celeb Charity Challenge .) You see, we’re voting every day to get Peter into the number one slot. 10,000 € for UNICEF—very good . . . seeing our favorite guy in the #1 spot---priceless. They like to advertise ‘meet your favorite celeb!’as a prize. I really don’t care. I’m planning on doing just that at the next PWFC get-together.

Yes, Ree, I won’t forget the chocolate. But are you sure we'll need it?
 Author: Agatha Silverdragon

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