January 16, 2013

Grimm Hiatus---UGH!

Grimm is currently on hiatus, not to return until Friday, the 8th of March. A situation invoking a lot of frustration in Grimmsters, this one especially. I'm trying to develop a 'to do' list to keep myself sane in the interim.

One Grimmster's 'To Do' List:

  1. Start 'fangirl/woman' blog---done
  2. Watch Season 1 on DVD and growl at deleted scenes--done
  3. Watch Season 2 on Hulu or at NBC. Practice snipping.--in progress
  4. Write a few posts for the above blog.--in progress
  5. Write some very bad limericks about his HRH.---in progress
  6. Download more Grimm videos from YouTube.---done
  7. Convert videos for placement on mp3 player.---done
  8. Play videos for the uninitated as part of Master Conversation Plan---in progress
  9. Laugh out loud at those females looking at pictures of HRH and fluttering their hands in effort to cool off. Also part of the MCP. (Members of Team Renard will know which specific one I speak  of)---continuous
  10. Add to any tweet to @NBCGrimm: #March8:P---continuous
Ah, the list is far from complete. I'm sure there will be more. Sorry, I'm not much in the graphs department or I would add some. I can only link. One of my favorite videos from @lovelygrimm (Alexa). Yes, it's one of about twelve (I think) on my mp3 player. Yes, for the MCP and my portable Grimm fix.

Thank  Grimm for Alexa!
Next posting: The 'A' List
Author: Agatha Silverdragon

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